Tsukiji Fish Market Tour:

Learn history and taste authentic food on our tour of the old and new markets

Fish Market Tour in Tsukiji

Discover the food, history, and culture of the world’s biggest fish market in Tokyo. Enjoy a variety of food specialties the market has to offer.

Eating Tuna


  • Experience the sights, operations & flavors of the old market, Tsukiji. We will not let you be overwhelmed by 50+ fish dealers!
  • Taste mouth-watering fresh seafood (e.g. fatty tuna), pork dumpling, other local specialties at highly selected food vendors in the outer market. 
  • Journey through the fish market in a small group while seeing various types of fish that you have never seen before.

Note: This tour only covers the old Tsukiji fish market. 

Fish Market Tour info

  • Duration: 2.5 hours, starting at 9:30 am
  • Minimum: 2 people per tour
  • Maximum: 6 people per tour
  • Price: 10,500 JPY (+10% sales tax) per person
  • Food: Lunch at multiple local food vendors 
  • Meeting location: Tsukiji Station
  • *This tour does not include tuna auction viewing. 

Fish Market Map

Local Guides for the Fish Market Tour

Tsukiji Fish Market Tour Booking 


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Tsukiji Market

The Tsukiji fish market has been feeding people in Tokyo since 1935 and up until very recently, was the biggest fish market in the world. As the building is so old, the Tokyo city government announced the market’s relocation in early 2018, and was finally relocated to the new Toyosu market building in October 2018, making Toyosu the new largest fish market.

The Tsukiji market consisted of two areas, the inner market and the outer market. The inner market was relocated to Toyosu, but the outer market still remains.

Inner Fish Market – Toyosu

The inner market is where ~700 wholesalers run their daily operations. They are “middlemen,” but they play a big role when it comes to selecting good quality fish and pricing it appropriately for restaurants and hotels. 

Without them? You would not be able to get fresh tuna sushi in Tokyo. 

The market floor at Toyosu is closed to visitors, except for an upper viewing deck from which you can watch the tuna auctions through a glass window. This makes it easier for the wholesalers to do their job without interruption, and for visitors to see all the excitement from above and be amazed at the sheer amount of fish laid out before their eyes.

There are three main buildings in the Toyosu market, one for the tuna auctions and other fish, one for all other fresh seafood, and one for fruits and vegetables. You will see A LOT of different fish types there. If you plan to watch the tuna auctions, be sure to arrive early! Most of the auctions take place between 5:30 and 7:00 AM.

Outer Fish Market – Tsukiji

The outer market section, which is not going to move, is more for retail stores and tourists. If you have seen pictures of the fish market, this is probably the place. 

Do not underestimate a “touristy” place though, as these retail stores sell the same great quality fish as the inner market.

Tsukiji is a very important place that supports Tokyo’s rich food culture. It also has a lot of history and stories to tell.

On our fish market tour, you will see and learn about the history and operations of the fish market. Also, we carefully select the tasting locations to give you the best time and food that Tsukiji has to offer. It can often be overwhelming to navigate on your own, so let us guide you through it!


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