Meet our team 

Our team members are locals that are inspired by the roaring food scene. Let us take you on a tasty adventure full of food, humor, and history.

Yuma – Founder

Rie – Polyglot from Kyoto

Andrea – Kimono Instructor

Megan Sensei

Kaz – Spontaneous Traveller

Sato – Metal Rock Guitarlist

Waikiki Joe


Miyuki – Stage Actress

Shino – Mom of 3 boys

Chizuru – future actor

Taiga – fledgling musician

Izumi – our fav admin

Moe – Kansai Foodie

C.J. – Intl. sake sommelier

Mana – Ikebana Sensei

Yuma Wada

Yuma – Founder

As a licensed sake professional  and Japanese food enthusiast, Yuma started Ninja Food Tours in Tokyo after traveling across the US, Europe, and Asia in 2017. He also opened his own restaurant in 2019 to pursue his passion further. He spends a lot of time trying new restaurants and bars across Japan. Yuma is from Gifu, the central part of Japan where the famous mountain farmhouses are located in Takayama. 

Best bite: Sashimi platter at Sake Bar Doron

Favorite spot: Shinbashi (Standing bars there are awesome!)


Rie – Polyglot from Kyoto

I am a sake sommelier from Kyoto. I love travelling and have been to 30+ cities around the world. I love cooking at home and also eating local food when I go travelling. I would like to exchange ideas about your food culture and ours. It is my pleasure to have you and let’s make your trip to Tokyo unforgettable!!

Best bite: Tsukemen at Menya musashi bukotsu

Favorite spot: Kasai Rinkai Park


Andrea – Kimono pro

I am Frenchie from Champagne region living in Tokyo, working as a private tour guide and a holder of a Kimono international license. I decided to stay in japan for the amazing food and fashion culture. I’ll be more than glad to answer all your questions about Japan!

Best bite: Sashimi at Takamaru sengyoten

Favorite spot: Shimokitazawa


Megan Sensei

I am a London girl living in Japan since 2017. I originally came to Japan to study, but fell in love with the food, culture and lifestyle and decided to stay!
I’m currently based in Tokyo, but have also spent time living in Osaka and Fukuoka, as well as travelling around different parts of Japan. I’d love to share some of my tips and hidden gems with you, and help make your trip to Japan truly unforgettable!

Best bite: Anything on the menu at Kagoya 

Favorite spot: Todoroki Valley

ninja food tours guide

Giulia – Amante del Giappone

I was born and raised in Italy and I’ve always been interested in the Japanese culture as a kid. The first time I came to Japan I fell in love with this country and decided I wanted to live here. I moved to Tokyo 5 years ago and one of the things I enjoy the most is to try the local food and learn about it! Pursuing my passion for wine and sake, I became a Japanese certified sake sommelier in Japan. Hope I can share some drinks and Japanese delicacies with everyone!

Best bite: Sweet potato sticks at Nihonbashi Imoya Kinjiro

Favorite spot: Asakusa and Nihonbashi

tour guide

Keiko – Home Chef

Born and raised in Tokyo, I like this city as the food scene is always changing. I claim that I am a chef because I have been feeding my family for 35+ years. Let’s learn Japanese culture and eat great food on my food tours.

Best bite:
 Cheesecake at Ginza West

Favorite spot: Ebisu

Tokyo Tour Guide

Tetsuko – Beeroisseur

Originally from Kanagawa, but have been living in Tokyo for a while. I love eating and drinking. In my free time (if I have any) I go look for new places to eat and drink. I especially like Japanese craft beers (e.g., IPA, white beer).

Best bite: The Meatzza and Devil Craft

Favorite spot: Kanda, Shinjuku 3-chome, Omotesando

Japan Food Tour Guide

Kaz – Spontaneous Traveller

Born in Fukuoka, Kyusyu Island and I have lived in Tokyo for more than 35 years. I enjoy traveling (especially spontaneous trips), walking, visiting museums, and cooking. I also like to share my knowledge of Japanese history and local’s favorite foods with many visitors.

Best bite: Hiroshima style pancakes

Favorite spot:  Kichijyoji, Shinbashi


Sato – Metal Rock Guitarlist

I was born in Kobe, a well known city for Kobe Beef. I grew up in the big sake brewery neighborhood called Nada. I spent my youth in the music business and toured more than 80 countries as a musician, which gives me great stories and aspects to share with my guests. Now I live in Kagurazaka, the central part of Tokyo. 
Best bite: food platter at Yorozuya Okagesan
Favorite spot: Kagurazaka

Waikiki Joe

Aloha to you all! Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, I initially came to Japan with dreams of being a J-Pop singer. Quickly gave that up but fell in love with everything about Japan.
Moved to Japan about 20 years ago and have been living in Yokohama City ever since. I dream to drive to every prefecture in Japan and eat their local specialties.
I love eating Yokohama-style ramen, red vinegar sushi, and Tonkatsu teishoku. I look forward to showing you the real Japan and assisting you in making your vacation a memorable experience.

Best bite: Red vinegar sushi at Sushi Ramen Tsurukin in Sakuragicho, Yokohama.
Favorite spot:  Sakuragicho, Yokohama

Yuki – Cowboy Wannabe?

Hi I’m Yuki. I have been living in Tokyo since I was twelve, and I spent 2 years living in the U.S.
Shinjuku is a place where I always hang out to have fun and try tasty food. I cannot wait to show you around Shinjuku and answer all your questions. It is an honor that I can take you to my favorite Izakayas. let’s have the best experience in Tokyo. 
Best bite: Shoyu ramen at Hayashida
Favorite spot: Jinbocho

Chi – Pro Translator

I am a Japanese girl born and raised in Japan who has lived abroad in Canada for over 10 years and recently came back to Japan. I worked as a translator in Canada for Japanese historical movie productions and it made me want to learn more about my home country and share that knowledge with others. I’d love to share insights into Japanese culture and the culinary scene with you and help you get a true sense of Japan.

Best bite: Sushi Iwa
Favorite spot: Kuramae

Shino – Mom of 3 boys

I’m Shino, a proud mom of three wonderful boys, finding joy in the chaos of motherhood. Raising my boys has been an incredible journey that shaped me. I love showing hidden gems, sharing stories, and creating unforgettable experiences. I used to run a talent agency before I moved to the US. I enjoyed exploring national parks and world heritage sites there. Currently, I care for rescued dogs, finding joy in their recovery.

Best bite: Chicken ramen at Torisoba Kagura

Favorite spot: Tokyo National Museum


Chizuru – Future actor

Chizuru (千鶴) means one thousand cranes in Japanese. According to popular belief, if you fold one thousand origami cranes and make a wish, your wish will come true.

I was born and raised in Shiga, known for its peaceful natural landscapes, including Lake Biwa, the biggest Lake in Japan. I spent 7 years studying and working in California. I returned to Japan to follow my dreams and make my own wish come true here in Tokyo.

I can’t wait to have you join me as I embark on this new adventure! Together, let’s explore Tokyo’s incredible sights and enjoy some delicious food  🙂 

Ninja Food Tours Taiga

Taiga – fledgling musician

Hello! I’m a double person who’s Australian and Japanese, I’ve lived in Japan for most of my life! I love art music and most importantly FOOD!
Hopefully, I’m a fun guide to be with and I’ll try my best to share my knowledge about food and Japan with all of you! My goal is to make sure everyone has the best experience possible!! I’m excited to see you on the tour!


Izumi – Our fav admin

I was raised in the vibrant city of Los Angeles and pursued my nursing studies at the University of Hawaii. Now, I cherish the roles of both a mother to a 6-year-old dog and a 2-year-old daughter. My heart belongs to the beach and everything outdoors, as I truly adore spending time in nature.

Best bite: Diavola pizza at PST Higashi Azabu

Favorite spot: Shonan Beach

Food Tour Guide in Kyoto

Moe – Kansai Foodie

Born in Kyoto and raised in Osaka. I studied in Australia to be a professional interpreter. I love traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people. Whenever I travel, I always like to try local food and learn the culture there. Looking forward to seeing you on my tour. 

Best bite: Arashiyama-gozen at Ine

Favorite spot: Fushimi Inari


C.J. – Intl. sake sommelier

Born and raised in the U.S., I came over to Japan during high school. I moved to Hokkaido and then studied in Kyoto during university where I decided to stay. I’ve been a tour guide for over seven years now. I started out in adventure tour guiding but landed in the alcohol industry where I get to talk about bourbon whiskey and now Japanese sake!

Best bite: Tantanmen Mazesoba at Kirameki

Favorite spot: Nishijin Textile Center


Mana – Ikebana Sensei

I call myself a Chipanedian (Chinese mom – Japanese dad – born in Canada) living in Kyoto. I am an apprentice at the Kuwahara-senkei Ikebana School training to become a licensed Ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arranging) master. I absolutely love Japanese gardens and traditional Japanese confectionary called Wagashi, and Matcha. Since my father grew up in the city of Uji which is known for Matcha, I think I know a thing or two about it and am eager to share the nuggets of information I’ve gathered about Kyoto from family, local friends and mentors throughout my life. 

Best bite:  Strawberry Daifuku Mochi from Yoraku in Uji

Favorite spot: Ginkakuji Silver Pavillion

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