Tokyo Ramen & Izakaya Cooking Class:

Small group cooking class for foodies by foodies

Home Style Cooking in Tokyo

Everybody loves food, and so do we! Cook with us to learn traditional cooking techniques with the inside scoop on ingredients, seasonings, and culture. 

Cooking Class


  • Japanese cooking class by foodies for foodies. We have developed delicious recipes that you can easily replicate back home. 
  • Hands-on cooking experience taking you step by step through Japanese culinary skills and tips you need to gain confidence in the kitchen.
  • Learn more about Japanese ingredients, cooking techniques and culture through cooking. You will gain a deeper understanding of what cooking means in Japan. 

*We can accommodate children at any age. Vegetarian options are not available for our cooking classes. 

Cooking Class info

  • Duration: 2-3 hours, starting at 10 am or 5 pm. 
  • Minimum: 2 people per class
  • Maximum: 4 people per class
  • Price: 8,500 JPY (+10% tax) per person
  • What is included: Meal, recipe, and our love
  • Meeting location: Shinjuku

Tokyo Class Map

So… what would you like to cook? 

Yakitori on a food tour in Tokyo

Miso Ramen & Gyoza

Love ramen? let’s make one together! We will make tasty miso ramen from scratch (except ramen noodles), and gyoza as a side dish. 

2.5 hours  | 8,500 JPY (+ tax)

Fish Market Tour in Tokyo

Home Style Izakaya Pub

Make a five course meal pub-style plate that pairs well with beer and sake. Steam, fry, roll, boil, and simmer delicious Japanese ingredients. 

2.5 hours  | 8,500 JPY (+ tax)

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