Hungry for local & authentic Japanese food?

Walk with us through Kyoto’s historic backstreets and become a local in just a few hours!

Our booking system currently shows limited availability due to COVID restrictions. If you have any tour/class in your mind, please contact us.

Walking food tours in Kyoto

On our food tours, you will discover the best of Kyoto’s hidden gems and try traditional Japanese food that you may have never seen before.

Our tour price includes a full meal’s worth of food samplings and the guide fee. The night tours also come with three glasses of alcoholic beverages of your choice.

Because of the limited number of quality guides in Kyoto, we release tour slots for the next month between the 20th and 24th of the current month.

See and taste what Japan’s old capital has to offer. Experience local culinary traditions at three tapas style restaurants for a total of 15+ dishes and three drinks of your choice.

5pm | 3.5 hours  | 13,000 JPY (+ tax)

Experience both the touristy and local sides of Arashiyama, a historical vacation destination for the Japanese aristocracy, through walks and food.

10am | 2.5 hours  | 9,800 JPY (+ tax)

Explore “Kyoto’s Kitchen,” where local restaurant chefs come to buy ingredients for their restaurants. Learn about the history of the market and Kyoto culture.

11am | 2 hours  | 8,200 JPY (+ tax)

street at night

Why take a food tour in Kyoto?

We want to give you an experience you wouldn’t be able to have on your own. Not only are these the kinds of restaurants where you can only make a reservation over the phone and in Japanese, but most of them don’t even take walk-ins.

restaurant closeup

About our restaurant partners

We spend a lot of time exploring Kyoto to evaluate restaurants and bars in the city. We only take you to local restaurants and bars that have passed our criteria, including food quality and atmosphere, during our food tour. We will help you become a Japanese food ninja in just a few hours!

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Explore like a local

We know that you’re familiar with sushi and ramen, so we want to show you something different. The restaurants we have chosen for you showcase local Kyoto culinary traditions—the kinds of places where even google translate would have a difficult time deciphering the menu in an accurate way. Most of the restaurants we go to change their menu seasonally, if not daily, and they’re handwritten to reflect that.

We proudly deliver our signature food tours in Kyoto. If none of our regular tours sounds appealing, we can arrange a private tour for a more personalized foodie experience, making your stay in Kyoto more special and unique. Let us know in advance.