Sushi Making Class:

The ultimate sushi-making experience in Tokyo

Looking to learn how to make sushi? We offer a sushi-making class for foodies!
Experience how sushi chefs create authentic sushi… and how locals eat it! 

Fresh Tuna Sushi in Tokyo


  • Become a sushi master through our comprehensive course on sushi history, culture, ingredients, and seasonality in Japan. You’ll learn all about the many different kinds of sushi, and what separates great sushi from the rest.
  • Learn how to make authentic nigiri and maki sushi from a professional. Make and devour 8+ sushi pieces in a restaurant setting with the freshest seasonal fish sourced directly from the biggest fish market in the world.
  • Experience how sake and other drinks complement sushi. Try different pairings to refine your palate until you become a sushi connoisseur!

Sushi Making Class Info

  • Duration: 11:30 am or 5 pm for 2.5 hours
  • Minimum: 2 people per session
  • Maximum: 8 people per session
  • Price: 19,800 JPY (+ 10% tax)
  • Included: sushi making class to make 8 sushi pieces +1 roll & sushi pairing mini-course with sake
  • Meeting Location: Asakusa (near Tawaramachi station)

Tokyo Sushi Class Map

Tokyo Sushi Making Class Booking 


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