Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updates

Current Ninja Food Tours Status Update

Updated on August 4th 2020:

Currently, Japan’s borders are closed to all foreign travellers who are not residents of Japan. Ninja Food Tours are not running regular tours and experiences, and are closed until the situation changes. Many of our platform providers are also closed for bookings and reservations. Most countries have placed travel restrictions or bans on coming to and from Japan, so most of our tours for the foreseeable future have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.

The government is urging people in Tokyo to avoid going outside to avoid an increase of cases of COVID-19 in the city. It is currently no longer under a state of lockdown, though that may change again in the future.

Our customers’ health and safety are a top priority for us, so we encourage anyone still in Japan, or anywhere in the world, to take caution when travelling, whether that means to another country or to the supermarket. Adhere to your country’s regulations and take care to not spread any infectious particles.

Reservation Changes & Cancellations

If you have a confirmed booking with us and need to postpone, reschedule, or cancel please contact us directly here. Due to extreme impact the virus has had on global travel, we are allowing certain exceptions to our cancellation policy. Please get in touch with us.

Travel Advice

People in Japan, particularly in Tokyo, are being encouraged to stay home when not working, wear masks on all public transportation, and perform proper hand-washing and hygiene regularly. Most people are still avoiding large gatherings and social events, and many restaurants and public places are being asked to close early. Many people are still working from home and avoiding going outside unnecessarily.



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